The Con'Tiad

Tiad (tee-ahd) – Someone who shows an ability to control one or more elements. Each nation has one person who has mastered their element. That person become the appropriately named Tiad and is sent to the Temple of the Con’Tiad to continue learning and sit on the Council of Balance. The Pyr’Tiad, always being the emporer of the Pyran Empire only appears at the council when needed. It is the goal of all Tiads to become the Con’Tiad.

Con’Tiad – The one Tiad that can control all four elements. Only one Tiad in a thousand years become the Con’Tiad. The Con’Tiad has mastered the abilities of all the elements. There is currently no Con’Tiad.

Council of Balance – A council of the most powerful Tiads that acts as a leadership and the voice of reason for the entire world. Through diplomacy the Tiads rule on disputes among nations or nation states.

The Temple of the Con’Tiad – The temple is where all Tiads come to continue their training in both mastering the elements and in diplomacy. The temple is where the Tiads sit on the Council of Balance. In the temple there is a library that contains the history of the world. The temple is located in the middle of all four nations. Each nation sends their best warriors (mostly Tiads) to defend the temple from various barbarous forces that occasionally threaten the temple.

The Con'Tiad

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