Paladin Brotherhoods

All Paladins strive for Law and Good. Different Brotherhoods have developed which emphasize different aspects of those goals.

The Brothers of the Blade:
‘Evil Stalks the World, and must be stopped!’ Flint Ironthew, Brothers of the Blade
The Brothers of the Blade relentlessly seek out and destroy Evil wherever it can be found. They believe that Good cannot thrive in a world in which Evil exists. By striking Evil with relentless energy they strive for the ultimate victory of Good.
Paladin 2

The Poor Brothers of the Temple:
‘Poor in Gold, Rich in Service.’ Poor Brother Jonathan
The Poor Brothers of the Temple are a small band of Paladins who focus on the holiness of service to others. They watch for the weak, feed the poor, and have no ties to material goods. They often have absolutely no currency whatsoever, for they will always give to those less fortunate. They rarely know where their next meal will be, and they find a sort of holiness in this.
Paladin 3

Knight of the Order of the Silver Dragon:
‘And I know, if I’ll only be true
To this glorious Quest,
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I’m laid to my rest.’
Korik, Knight of the Order of the Silver Dragon

The Knights are an organization of Paladins dedicated to the blessings of honor, unselfishness, cleanliness, bravery, chivalry, good faith, humility and morality at all times. They worship the Lawful Good Silver Dragon Bahamut.
Paladin 4

Paladin Brotherhoods

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