Kindgoms of the World

Humun Republic (hu-moon) – Democracy ruled by three branches of government. The capital city is named Orrea. There are many Humun states, each one with their own sets of laws and rules. Think USA. Tiads voluntarily enlist to learn. Most are treated as upper middle class. Most all Tiads chose to be trained. Humun Tiads can control the earth and the elements within the earth.

President Sharos (shay-ros) – The current president of the Humun Republic. It is the middle of an election year and the president her very political minded.

Strator Hegemony (stray-tor) – Theocracy ruled by a High Priest/ess. Strator is the nation with the smallest landmass. They also have the smallest number of citizens distributed among the three continents; Eastern, Western and Southern. The capital is on the Eastern landmass, furthest away from the Pyrans. All of their cities are high up in the mountains, virtually impervious to attack. They are total pacifists and hold high regard for life. All Tiads are taken from their family when their abilities emerge. Strator Tiads can control the air and wind.

High Priestess Aracaryn (ara-cahr-in) – The current leader of the Strator Hegemony.

Meridan Sovereignty (mer-eh-dan) – Oligarchy ruled by a succession of kings/queens. The government is in shambles. The people want to move towards a democracy but the royals won’t hear of such things. Tiads are given a special place in society and are treated as royalty, not gods. Most Tiads chose to be trained. Meridan Tiads can control water and other liquids in their vicinity.

Queen Breylassa (bray-las-sa) – The current ruler of the of the Meridan Sovereignty.

Pyran Empire (peer-an) – Dictatorship government with a succession of emperors/empresses. Every citizen of the empire are required to have flame tatoos on their face to indicate their rank in society. All Tiads are trained in military style and are required to serve the Empire. Pyran Tiads can control fire. The vast majority of Pyran Tiads require fire close by in order to perform their powers. Very few Pyrans can create fire from thin air.

Emperor Firatis (fear-at-is) – At last contact he was the current emperor of the Pyran Empire and was the current Pyr’Tiad. He is one of only a few Pyrans that can create fire from nothing.

Lord Thokas (thow-kas) – The son of Emperor Firatis and brother to Lady Maghana.

Lady Maghana (may-gah-nah) – The daughter of Emperor Firatis and sister to Lord Thokas.

Zhanand (zhah-nahnd) – The leader of a group of Pyran students at the academy where the PCs are trained.

Kindgoms of the World

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