Druid Factions

Female druid

Druids are ruled by The Great Druid, and under him/her are three Arch Druids.

Under the three Arch Druids are nine Druids. These are not particularly under the control of one of the three Arch Druids. Each of the nine acts semi-autonomously.

Each of the nine Druids has an entourage with them, and is the main body for training and monitoring Druid behavior. Each of the nine and his/her followers favors the characteristics of an animal or plant. They are traditionally called ‘Groves’ although some are no longer related to trees. The three Arch Druids could come from any of these nine Groves.

While all druids keep to their true neutral alignment and respect for nature, each Grove emphasizes different parts of the teachings, based on its Druid leader.

The Nine Groves:

The Gilden Grove: Serenity and knowledge
The Oaken Grove: Balance through control
The Ash Grove: Peace and stability
The Bear’s Den: Ferocious defense of nature
The Erye of the Eagle: Awe and Inspiration of the systems of nature
The Web of the Spider: The Web keeps all parts of nature in balance through tension.
The Rabbit’s Burrow: Safety and protection in the earth.
The Field of the Mantis: Through Stillness, Imbalance eventually becomes Balance.
The Hive of the Bee: Industrious and Wise

Druid Factions

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