Creation of the World

Before the creation of the world there were the immortals; primordials and gods. The primordials, masters of the elements, created the world out of the forces in the Elemental Chaos. The gods, looking down from the Astral Sea, decided to improve the earth by adding living things, all manor of beasts including the races. Resentful of the gods meddling in their creation the primordials began a war for control of the earth.

The primordials, in an attempt to subvert the power of the gods, imbued the races with the ability to control the elements in hope they would serve the primordials in the ongoing war. The gods gave the races magic and wondrous weapons and devices to protect themselves against the primordials.

The war lasted for millenia and raged in the Astral Sea, Elemental Chaos and on the earth. However, neither the gods nor primordials set foot upon the earth. The splintered races of the world took sides and waged wars against each other in the names of the immortal beings; the elemental masters on the side of the primordials and those untouched by the elements on the side of the gods. The world was laid waste.

After several eons the gods won the battle and banished the primordials to the Elemental Chaos. The world was divided into four nations. The names of the primordials were lost to the memories of time. After a long while the races of the earth intermixed and the powers of mastering the elements has faded from most mortals.

The weapons given to the races by the gods were destroyed by those who never wanted to see such powerful and horrible implements used again. This who wished to remain powerful hid their weapons in hopes of retrieving them at opportune times. Many wars waged by the races have covered the face of the earth since then, both sides looking to find the original weapons and either use or destroy them. Occasionally some weapons crafted by the gods make an appearance and cause strife.

The world has now been at peace for as long as history has been written. In present times few even remember the primordials who only exist in fairy tales and nightmares. The gods rarely interact with mortals on earth. There are still powerful elemental masters called Tiads who can wield the elements, but with nowhere near the command of the ancient masters. Still every few thousand years when one is needed, a grand master of the elements, the Con’Tiad, is born. The Con’Tiad has the ability to control all four elements. The last Con’Tiad died almost 1000 years ago.

Today the world is still comprised of the four nations; the Pyran Empire, masters of fire, the Humun Republic, manipulators of the earth, the Strator Hegemony, riders of air and the Meridan Sovereignty, controllers of water. All the nations have lived in harmony and the people have become complacent in their ways.

But suddenly two years ago the ambassadors of the Pyran Empire left the embassies of the other nations without an explanation. The ambassadors of the other nations as well as the few non-Pyran citizens were politely escorted out of Pyran territory, also without an explanation. They were given a ship and simply told to return home.

Creation of the World

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