The golem creator's notes

A set of notes found in a backpack in the lair of ettins.


Articulation complex and frustrating, but I endure. Flesh, magic, nature combine to create ‘articulae.’ Articulae are jointed and the working of animating and articulating smoothly difficult beyond patience. Articulae are cobbled together and fluid movement seems impossible.

Continuing to work on articulae in various forms and elements. Basic functioning usually achieved. Physical enhancements more difficult.

Flesh compliant, but control (rarely) lost. Subject bezerk/non-compliant, needs to be dismantled. Shall attempt with larger test subjects. Help needed to acquire larger from south. Physical armaments (armor) hinder movement. Fatty layers to minimize damage? Physical enhancements moderately successful. Protections against non-magical items achieved.

Studying ettins proving to be difficult—growing immunity to calming unguents. Discovered that split-spine concept not correct. Both brains use same nerve core. ‘Two creatures’ or ‘one’? Can one creature have two minds? Creature defined by thinking or by physical attributes? Follow up with canine subjects.

Animal transmogrifications proving difficult. Must find more canine test material. Olefactory controls more effective than oral or visual. Some success with lucrotta jaw structure.


The golem creator's notes

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