Notes in the Golem Creator's Lab

Notes found on the Golem Creator's Desk


There are various scribbled notes on the desk, including:
• various drawings of potential golems and golem/animal combinations: Golems with dog hands, four arms, wings for arms, two headed dogs, standing dogs.
• There are also notes about where to acquire ‘subjects.’ kobolds in mountain passes to the north; giants in valley between two mountains to the south, canines/wolves in broken hills between mountains, but they are becoming wary.
• A note says: “Giant unworkable. Bezerk state. Impossible to disarm. Chained until dismemberment.”
• a scrawled note: Must tell guards to stop posting golem passwords on the walls! How much trouble is it to remember a few simple passwords?! I shall never tell them the password to the lab—fools.


Notes in the Golem Creator's Lab

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