Ahden Quaylen

An ancient Drow. The party has disturbed his remains, which caused some type of mist to emanate from the sarcophagus.


The following is inscribed on the Tomb of Ahden Quaylen.

Guil ulnen Ahden Quaylen
Here lies Ahden Quaylen

Valuk D’Maermydra
King of Maermydra

elggen pholor nindol k’lar wun L’Xonanthull d’ l’ Ta’Ecelle.
killed on this site in The Battle of the Sunlight.

Ktonos d’natha szithrel
Slayer of a thousand,

kul ressin d’natha’xium.
Ruler of a million.

478 A S Q


Ahden Quaylen

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