An Ancient Evil Returns

Post #3: The Keep - Golem Lab

They party discovered a note in a backpack in the ettin’s lair. They then discovered a trap door at the bottom of one of the towers of The Keep. They found a compound where some mad magician was creating flesh golems.
Golem on table
They discovered a large room with two sets of tables. One containing human bodies, and the other the bodies of animals and human torsos. Under one table were found four ceramic jars.

Outside one room was a piece of paper with “Fare the well, little Brother” nailed to the wall. In the room was a flesh golem with four arms that attacked and shouted from a magic mouth, “We are assailed!”

The Party found a Gem Hoard
7 @50
12 @100
4 @25

The Party then found a kennel of sorts. In some of the eight cages there were:
• large dog/leucrotta mix
• 3 two headed dogs
• upright dog/gnoll hybrid

The party discovered that the jars from the large table room can make the canine golems obey different commands.
Gnoll necromancer
The Party found the office and living quarters of the mage. They found various drawings of a variety of different human-animal hybrid golems. They found various notes written by the golem creator.

The party found treasure xxx behind the bed in the living quarters. They also found a magical tome.

The party advanced to an area called The Lab and could not name the password. A Magic Mouth started yelling “We are assailed!”

The Party’s Adventures will continue in Post #4



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