An Ancient Evil Returns

Post #4: A Death, A Temple and a Giant Lair

Having triggered the Magician’s Magic Mouth alarm, the party battled the creatures exiting the Lab. They fought several flesh golems and two small, disturbing girl-rat hybrids. (They later discovered that the bite of these creatures drained the victim’s strength.)
In the course of the battle, Nagano was struck instantly dead by the blow of a golem.
As they slew these monsters, they heard several booms which shook the floor. The far wall of the room began to crumble. Assuming that the giant-golem they had read about in the magician’s notes was breaking free, they retreated from the lab, and found refuge in the keep above.
The party decided to return through The Cat’s Cradle and bring Nagano’s body to a Temple of Rao, where they hoped he could be revived.
That night, as the party slept, Grim slipped away from the party and has not been seen since.
The party passed through Cat’s Cradle without incident and struck out for the Temple of Rao. Along the way they met a barbarian, aptly named Conan, and a very strange magician who seemed to change personalities frequently. With these two new party members they reached the Temple of Rao.
What they found was completely unexpected. The entire Temple complex (main house, guest quarters, Cemetary and Temple) was completely abandoned. Upon close examination of the temple altar, they found that it could be moved. Underneath they found the corpses of many slain clerics of Rao, throats slit. They found no evidence of how this heinous act was done.
The Druid Ty then volunteered to proceed alone with Nagano’s body to the City of the Temple of the Con’tiad. She felt she would make better time alone. They part returned through the Cat’s Cradle in belated pursuit of the prisoners of the Giants and Drow woman Ayla.
Travelling south past the Keep, the party reached a Hill Giant stronghold. After watching the steading for several hours, they decided to approach at night. (Strangely, just after midnight, the new magician in the party seemed to completely change personality—and his name.)
The party was able to enter the Steading of the Giants undetected, and quickly slew two guards inside the main entrance.
They then proceeded stealthily through the complex as the session concluded…



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